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The AI4MED webinar

We believe it is important to understand the advances made in the field of AI. However, in such a rapidly changing industry, this may prove to be somewhat difficult. That is why we have created the AI4MED webinar, where we delve each month in a hands on an interactive section into the most interesting topics on artificial intelligence for medicine. Subscribe using this form to receive the link to webinars and stay up to date

Large Language Models in the Biomedical Field


September 26, 2023

18:00 (Madrid, GMT+2)

First AI4MED Webinar on LLMs for Medicine

Large Language Models in the Biomedical field: We have experienced during these last months a huge boom within the field of NLP (Natural Language Processing) where models like GPT (used for ChatGPT) have got to everyone's attention. Although a very powerful tool, which can also be directly applied in the biomedical field, some questions might remain unanswered for most of us. How do these models actually work? Does it make sense to apply them in the biomedical field? Are there other models more specific for the biomedical field? What about data privacy concerns?

These and other questions will be addressed in this first AI4Med webinar. Come join us and learn how to "talk" with these models!

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